Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Jones

Attention-Whore alert! Star did a quick fat-to-thin change for her wedding to Big Gay Al and wanted everyone to pay for it. And oh how we paid. She talked too much when she was wearing designer clothes from Greater Tents & Awnings and since the fat mysteriously went North to her head it has only got worse. A walking bobblehead is what she is. As for what she has to say please visit WhoGivesAShit.com.

* American Idiot by Green Day
* You Talk Too Much by Run-DMC
* Fat Bottom Girls by Queen
* Arrogant by El Pus
* Shut Up! by Simple Plan
* Married, Buried, or Gay Jen Rathbun
* My Opinion by the Exies
* He's so Gay by Frank Zappa
* If you only had a Brain by The Queers
* Big Girls are Best by U2


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